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Asking for Help

PBF assists families with acute financial needs accompanying a heartbreaking and devastating sudden loss of a daughter, son, granddaughter or grandson. Families are already understandably overwhelmed by the enormity of the tragic loss of a child. That loss and sorrow are only compounded when families lack the financial means to pay for their child’s funeral, burial, and other associated costs. To ensure Fallon’s loving and caring spirit lives on, James Painter’s mission is to offer financial and emotional support, along with understanding and compassion, to bereaved parents and families struggling to rebuild their lives after the death of a child.

If you or a family you know requires assistance, please call our office or complete the form below and we'll reach out as quickly as possible. 

Requesting Assistance

We are so sorry for your loss and are keenly aware of the pain you're experiencing. Please accept our condolences.

We will be in touch as quickly as possible.

Stories of Grace

A sampling of families that we have been fortunate enough to assist:

- PBF made a donation to a mother in Colorado who recently lost her daughter. We were also able to share Fallon's story and offer emotional support. 

- PBF made a donation to a family that was struggling while their beautiful daughter was going through treatments to save her life.

- A donation of groceries to a family that was struggling in the aftermath of COVID.

Please considering supporting PBF

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